There’s a lot to change when it comes to weddings in India. Following up with one such positive change, we have a heartwarming tale of a woman qazi who officiated a nikah ceremony.

Meet Syeda Saiyadain Hameed, a former Planning Commission member who decided to change the dynamics of Indian weddings in this wholesome video. 

The female qazi officiated the nikah of the great-grandson of former President Zakir Hussain in Delhi.

In the viral video, we see Syeda Saiyadain Hameed performing the duties of a qazi to complete the nikah of Gibran Rehan Rahman and Ursila Ali.

Talking about this decision, Saiyadain Hameed (woman qazi) said:

The terms set forth in the nikaahnama were prepared under the auspices of the Muslim Women’s Forum, an organisation of which the groom’s great-grandmother Begum Saeeda Khurshid was a founding president.

The idea of getting married by a female qazi was initiated by the bride, and the groom welcomed it. 

There was no concept of a female qazi in the Indian Islamic society, so we want to make a new beginning, and when we talk about equality then why not a female Qazi.

The nikah took place in Delhi at the residence of the country’s third President, which was attended by close friends & family.

Twitteratis think it’s a progressive step and have welcomed this change. 

Breaking one stereotype at a time!

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