When the internet occasionally produces inspiring first-hand tales of experiences encountered by people just like us, it doesn’t seem like such an awful place. When it comes to pursuing our aspirations, those stories not only uplift our morale but also give us a sense of optimism.

Currently, on the internet, a heartwarming tale from Lahore, Pakistan, has gained popularity. It focuses on a young woman named Meerab who works as a delivery person for the fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). She is praised for juggling numerous roles and carrying out her responsibilities diligently without looking for recognition in return.


Fizza Ijaz posted the touching tale of Meerab from Youhanabad on LinkedIn, where it quickly gained prominence. When Ijaz told Meerab’s tale, she mentioned how happy she was to get a call from a woman who would be visiting her house to deliver the order.

The Linkedin user and her pals took the initiative to have a quick conversation with Meerab in order to learn more about her life. Even though an organisation is reportedly paying for her schooling, she still needs money for her assignments and to cover her mother’s medical costs. Meerab chose to turn her natural enthusiasm for biking into a side business in order to fund her aspirations.

According to the LinkedIn post, Meerab is working night shifts as a KFC rider to pay for her tuition while she completes her undergraduate degree in fashion design. She hopes to continue riding for a further three years until she graduates, after which she wants to start her own clothing line.

Over 1500 comments and 53,000 likes on Linkedin have been made in response to Meerab’s moving and inspirational story.