3 years after a braveheart of India, Naik Deepak Nainwal, sacrificed his life fighting off terrorists in Kashmir, his wife Jyoti Nainwal has joined the Indian Army.

She became a Lieutenant in the Indian Army after passing out of the Officers’ Training Academy in Chennai, recently.

During the passing out parade, the proud wife and mother of 2, Lieutenant Jyoti was cheered on by her children. The kids were also dressed in army uniforms.

Speaking on the occasion, she thanked her husband’s regiment, the Mahar Regiment and especially Brigadier Cheema and Col MP Singh, who took the responsibility to be her mentors.

Jyoti’s husband was shot in the spine and chest and battled for 40 days in the hospital before he breathed his last. Jyoti feels she is carrying his legacy forward.

He gifted us a life of pride… which we, I am trying to carry forward.

Before this Jyoti’s life was confined to the four walls of her home as a homemaker in Dehradun. It was her mother who motivated her to join the army.

The nation is proud of her.

From her hard work and dedication to her children cheering her on, everything about her becoming an officer is so inspiring.