Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s latest film, Animal, had many dialogues that got people up in arms but there was one dialogue that was not only insensitive but also factually incorrect. Ranbir’s character draws parallels between his post-surgery complications and a woman’s menstrual cycle. He ends up saying that women throw tantrums for changing four pads in a month when he has to change 50 in a day.

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First of all, women need more than four pads in a month. A period can last from anywhere between three days to even a week and every woman has a different blood flow. Additionally, it is also advised to change pads frequently because it can lead to infections and other messy things. This dialogue made us realize how clueless men are about women’s bodies.

This made us ask women to share the wildest theories men have about women’s bodies. Every answer is proof that men choose to remain ignorant even when information is readily available at their fingertips.

1. “Someone asked me how pregnant women pee because they thought women deliver through their bladder and not the vagina.” – Ira Shukla

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2. “When I was in college, a guy asked me if women could orgasm from tampons.” – Ashmita Subba

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3. “My brother asked me to hold my period when I started my periods and I did not have any pads with me.” – Shraddha

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4. “My boyfriend thought there are different pad sizes for different sizes of a woman’s vagina.” – Sneha Banra

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5. “An ex told me that body hair breeds bacteria and germs and I should always shave or wax myself. We broke up in a month.” – Ritu

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6. “One of my exes thought a woman cannot orgasm because they do not have a penis and can’t ejaculate.” – Ashita Mandal


7. “Someone told me women should not wear menstrual cups because they can expand our uterus.” – Nikita


8. “An ex thought I was cheating on him and slept with someone else because my period was late. He didn’t know stress can also affect our menstrual cycles. I had to take a pregnancy test to prove I wasn’t cheating. The relationship was abusive.” – Snimardeep


9. “A guy friend thought that nipples do not have any sensations and are just like accessories.” – Vaishali Kundu


10. “A friend told me women pee from the clitoris.” – Simran Agarwal

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11. “Someone asked me if I bleed all throughout the month.” – Vasudha

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12. “A guy friend told me to always use pads because he thought tampons and menstrual cups can get lost in our bodies and we will need an operation to get them out.” – Arunima Ghosh

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Dear men, please don’t tell us factually incorrect information about our bodies with utmost confidence. Please sit down and introspect.