A recent incident from Gurugram has come to light  where a person with a disability has alleged that a restaurant name Raasta Gurgaon, denied her entry to the restaurant.

In a Twitter post, Srishti Pandey narrated the incident about how the staff barred her from entering the restaurant, as it would disturb other customers. 

Here’s what happened:

I went to my @raastagurgaon with my best friend and her fam last night. This was one of my first outings in so long and I wanted to have fun. Bhaiya (my friend’s elder brother) asked for a table for four. The staff at the desk ignored him twice.

After ignoring the request twice to arrange the table, the restaurant staff apparenty said: “andar customers disturb hojaynge.”

Later the restaurant allotted them a table outside where the seating was bad, and it was cold outside. 

But is me just existing that much of a disturbance for you? Why do I always have to fight for the smallest of things? Why was I DENIED entry in a public place? Who are they to deny my entry just like that?

After the Twitter thread went viral, the restaurant took to Instagram to issue an apology. Here’s what it said:

But Twitter believes apologies are not enough for this kind of behaviour.

It’s high time we become more sensitive and dismantle such problematic behaviours.

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