How long did you stay at your last job? 4-5 years? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Working at the same place for 5 years would mean, you must really love the place, wouldn’t it? Now imagine how much you must love your job if you have worked at the same place for 40 years. 


Renee Fangonilo started working at Apple as an Accounting Analyst in 1981. That’s about 15 years before most of us were born. Yesterday, she completed 40 years at Apple. 

Renee, a Senior Finance Manager for the last 20 years, acknowledged the incredible milestone in her career on Linkedln with a post thanking people for their wishes and some advice for young people looking to work for Apple or otherwise. 

To all the amazing Engineers (you rock) – I am unable to provide a personal referral to individuals I do not know, in an area outside of my expertise. It would be a disservice to both you and Apple.

Addressing college students who seem to have been asking her about internships, she said: 

To all the wonderful college students – I do not manage the internship program and do not have the authority to hire you into Apple’s internship. Best of luck in starting your professional career.

You can check out the post here: 

Hope, Renee continues to have a great time at Apple… and otherwise.