Though I am sure that the idea of romanticising your life has been around for a while. Lately, it’s been trending on the internet, quite a lot. People are making IG reels about that daily cup of chai they make in the evening, or that calming stroll they took in a public park on a day the weather was nice. And if you want to start doing the same, then perhaps this Reddit thread where women have shared the things they do to also romanticise their life will motivate you.

Here, take a look for yourself:

1. “When people stare at me in public (I’m a bald woman who likes tye dye/pink clothing so I know it’s a bit noticeable), my brain likes to pretend that it’s because I’m just so beautiful that they can’t help it. Because of this, I hold my head high and talk more confidently to people while smiling big. Makes me feel like Princess Diana meeting with the public. I think it’s fun and harmless to indulge in the fantasy, since it helps with my social anxiety.”


2. “When my wife and I eat together, I plate and serve our food like it’s being served in a restaurant. There’s soup, and then there’s soup with fresh herbs on top and a side of toasted bread.”


3. “When I make coffee in the morning, I focus in on how fluid my arm movements are, how aromatic the coffee grounds are after I grind them, and then how I delicately place cream and sugar in and stir, how that changes the colour. It makes you appreciate what you’re doing in the moment, and then you feel like a moving piece of art. Even tasks like vacuuming, asI go about the carpet, leaving behind satisfying carpet lines that I can appreciate for days to come. Day-to-day tasks can be boring, but they don’t have to be.”


4. “I’ve been making chai from scratch, and it’s so fun to focus on toasting the spices, the scents, the caramelising sugar. To watch the colour change as it all brews. Then when I drink it, I try to focus on and name the flavours like I’m a wine expert.”


5. “I dance in my room every other night! I just put on my headphones and groove, and I’m not one for dancing in front of people, but dancing in my room makes me feel light.”


6. “I walk around the house in a long, bougie silk robe with a glass of gin like I’m your spinster aunt. Edit: I also buy cigars every once in a while to feel like a rich man.”


7. “I buy flowers for myself! Throw them in a vase.”


8. “When I cycle home from work, I listen to whatever playlist matches my mood at the time and stand up on my peddles to enjoy the wind in my face/hair like a kid in a coming of age movie. It’s oddly calming and satisfying.”


9. “I like matching up my candles, lotions, perfumes to whatever the current season is. Living in Texas means we don’t get proper ‘seasons’ other than really hot or cold. For example, it’s Summer right now and I favour Lavender. The Lavender and Cedarwood candle from Bath and Bodywork’s in particular. I also like Lavender Lemonade as a scent. Back in the Spring, I favoured Cherry Blossom scented things.

In the fall, I have a whole system. September is for apple based scents, October is for pumpkin based scents, November is for cranberry based scents. There’s an overlap of course but mostly, that’s how I do it.”


10. “I buy little gifts for my friends and wait for just the right moment to give them to the right person. I dream about how happy it will make us both to share something special. It keeps me going.”


11. “Whenever it’s raining a light drizzle outside, I like to sit with a nice hot coffee, stare at the rain and pretend I live in a cottage in the middle of a forest.”


12. “I light scented candles in my room every night before going to bed.”


13. “I use my ‘Fine China’ almost everyday. I’ve been doing this since 2020.”


14. “Cooking. Sometimes I pretend I’m on a cooking show! I grew up watching a lot of cooking competitions too, so that’s played a role. I love the process of chopping things up (trying to up my knife game), seasoning things, but my favourite part is plating.”


What are the little things you do to romanticise your life?

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