From big and small to round and perky, having a pair of boobs sounds quite interesting. Yes, we agree, for most people, boobs are great to look at, feel and touch. However, with great boobs come great responsibilities.

And today, we came across some responses from a number of women who revealed the worst part about having boobs. Are we ready? Let’s go!  


1. “I love them. However, running can be a nuisance, even in a good sports bra. Also, they ache when it’s ‘that’ time of the month.”

– Automatic_Grape7930

2. “The sweat and itch. They are like two volcanos which aren’t practical during summers or when you are a constantly hot-temperature person. Also, if you got big boobs, you will struggle to feel modest because you will get a cleavage.”

– Queen-of-meme

3. “Gravity.”

– SonnenblumeFrau09

4. “They are expensive. Bras are expensive and you need regular bras, sports bras and probably something special, like a strapless or low back, if you have a special occasion. And, don’t even get me started on women healthcare.”

– SailorSpoon11

5. “Being sexualized for just existing.”

– BigBunsLittleBunbun

6. “They get in the way if your boobs are big.”


7. “Asymmetry and breast cancer paranoia.”

– No-Average9560

8. “The social agony of either growing them too early and being made fun of or, growing them late (I didn’t develop boobs until my junior year of high school) and being made fun of.”

– sydnahhh

9. “The backaches from newly grown massive watermelons on the chest.”

– iFapToFarts

10. “Some shirts don’t fit right because of the boob size.”

– sydnahhh

11. “Laying on your stomach can be tricky.”

– ChadweenaThundervag

12. “It’s hard to find the right bra size.”

– HoneyGirl_50

13. “Breastfeeding. It’s tough. And stupidly controversial.”

– Ninac4116

14. “The double standard of girls with small and big chests. If you have a big chest, no matter what you wear or do, it’s sexual. But for girls with smaller chests, they can get away with crop tops, v-necks or even swimsuits.”

– BigBunsLittleBunbun

15. “Underboob sweat, especially when you have bigger boobs.”

– mydoghaslonghair

16. “What makes it so annoying to me is having to be self-conscious of your cleavage whenever you lean forward, while someone is around facing you. I just want to pick up the damn thing on the floor without being sexualized.”

– caamilarr

17. “They sometimes get in the way when I hug someone.”

– CMAKaren

18. “I can’t walk around shirtless.”

– crazycatlady328

However, even after all the hassle, we are proud members of the itty bitty titty community!