1. “Not being married and having kids. Hopefully, my Chanel sunglasses cover my tears.” – dnnzu_bb

Log kya kahenge?” is something which we are always asked when we try to do things which we have not done yet. If you identify as a woman, chances are you have been asked this question every time you decide to do something for yourself.
We found a thread where women reveal things that society said they would regret doing when they got older. They went ahead with those decisions anyway, and they don’t regret it.

2. “Moving away from my hometown. People said I would miss the quiet, small-town life after I outgrew my college party phase. No way! I don’t miss the xenophobia, racism, and running into my high school bullies at Walmart. I didn’t stay away because I wanted to party. I like the variety of food and shopping, the ease of travel, and meeting people who are different from me.” – innerlemons

3. “Tattoo, blue hair, piercings, not prioritizing marriage. No regrets so far. My spouse loving my hair, tattoo, and piercings is the cherry on top of it all.” – KSplitInTwoK

4. “Getting older. Honestly, the older I get, the more I love it. I don’t know why everyone acts like it’s the worst thing in the world. I love myself and who I’m becoming. She’s bold and beautiful. She is healing and she is breaking cycles. Teenage-20s me ain’t got nothing on these ’30s, and honestly 40’s, and 50’s look fine as hell too.” – GirlReDefined

5. “Burning bridges with my family (they were toxic AF).” – boklenhle

6. “The fact that I didn’t spend my time partying/drinking/drugs and having hookups. I got told I would only be young once and was wasting my youth by not doing those things. I don’t regret it because it’s never been an interest of mine.” – wanttothrowawaythev

7. “Being into hobbies that are considered geeky. I was told I wouldn’t be able to have friends. Well, my geeky hobbies led to meeting some amazing people who are my closest friends now. – misspenelope15

8. “Building a ranch outside of town and buying my horses.” – Intelligent-Fox-4599

9. “Coming out of the closet (everyone = my older relatives, who said they thought bi people should never come out of the closet, without knowing I was actually bi).” – KnittingTrekkie

10. “Not having a big wedding. When I got married, I tried to be as cheap as humanly possible. Had my wedding outdoors on family property, invited a couple of people, made all the decorations, bought the flowers wholesale, hired a friend as the bartender, hired a caterer I used to work for, no wedding party beyond best man and maid of honour. The dress was a gift from my maid of honour*. The cupcakes were Betty Crocker, my parents paid for the photographer as a gift, etc… My mom and I got into shouting arguments over my choices. Every single decision I made was met with hostility from my family. I get it, not a single one of my four siblings spent less than $20k on theirs and my decision made them feel weird because my wedding cost a total of ~$6k out of pocket. Everyone (well, not everyone) said it was the most fun wedding they’d been to. We got divorced 5 years later.

*I chose an inexpensive dress and when she got married a couple of years later, my maid of honour dress cost as much as my wedding dress.” – Coder-Cat

11. “Getting epidural during labour/getting it too early. I held off a bit because I let people get to my head and all that did was put me in pain for longer.” – DorkasaurusRex6

12. Starting my own business while also being a mom to a young child. Because I decided to do it, I’m a better role model for my child. I’m happy which makes me a better Mom”. – Practical_Cod_6074

13. “Not getting married in my mid 20s. I have no desire for that till this day. I’m 27.” – westerntexas

14. “Not getting a college degree. I’m self-employed and am making six figures. All is good.” – DriftMoney

15. “Having standards and refusing to settle for familial and societal expectations. E.g: high achieving academically. I was always a solid average student. Settling for the white picket fence because the kind of “perfect for me” person doesn’t exist, even if they did, they wouldn’t want me anyway (I met and married my perfect for me).” – boo-pspps

16. “Having an abortion.” – dollstake

17. “Moving in with my BF after being together for like 2 weeks. We have been married for 11 years now.” – badadvicefromaspider

18. “Being a sneakerhead.” – Torshii

19. “Not going to any school reunion. If we haven’t spoken in 20 years, why start now?” – Outrageous-Wish8659

20. “That if I didn’t work enough, I’ll live a miserable life when I get older.  But I know we only live once, so to work day and night to guarantee a good life in future means stress right now. Work is a way to make living, not a purpose to spend your whole life stressing about it.” – nessareckyloin

21. “Marrying my high school sweetheart. 10 years later, we are as in love and obsessed with each other as we were when we were kids.” – ehmvee22

You do you, boo! Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna.