From annoyingly free advice to a bunch of curious questions, people say a lot of inappropriate things to pregnant women at times. Women reveal the most unsolicited comments they received from a complete stranger when they were pregnant and trust us, some of these are pretty annoying.

Are you ready? Let’s check what people had to say!

1. “Can we please pray over you?” – A devout Christian father/son duo, who thought I was suffering from the result of bad choices.

– DiabolicalDee

2. “You know that you are already ruining your baby’s life, right?” from a random lady in the grocery store because I was buying a bottle of wine. Not that it was any of her business whatsoever, but I was getting it to make a red wine sauce for a steak.

– Googlyeyes1093

3. “Do you need a daddy for that baby?

– 44morejumperspls

4. I was pregnant during Covid. An anti-masker started yelling at me about how “You ESPECIALLY shouldn’t be wearing a mask! You’re pregnant!” Like? Okay, dude? I ended up having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

– throwawaypotatoezz

5. “Wow, you’re all baby, aren’t you?” 

Are you sure the due date is right? You’ve got a month and a half left but you look full term!
If you’re pregnant much longer, the baby won’t have anywhere else to go!
Must be a boy, you’re so big!

Jesus Christ, I’m just a very short lady with a normal-sized pregnancy belly and a normal-sized baby. But thanks for freaking me out and making me feel self-conscious, random old ladies.

– eeriedear

6. “I was having my first child and looking through a second-hand store for stuff. The girl /clerk said “Oh, I have something you will need“. She proceeded to guide me to a section with cribs and I politely said that I won’t need one. She pressed and I explained that we would be doing the family bed. “Oh!” she said as she changed her whole demeanour. “You are gonna spoil that kid and walked off. You can’t spoil a baby.”

– strangedaysyt

7. I was in the grocery store trying to find a ripe avocado in a massive pile of unripe avocados. I was having a serious craving! And a man walks up to me, looks at me checking the avocados and points to my belly and says “you are going to have to learn to be more patient.” And then walks away. I just stood there in disbelief. And to make things worse, I didn’t even get a ripe one.

– Itssmelon

8. Everyone telling me how much alcohol they drank while being pregnant when I was refusing drinks because I knew I had a drinking problem and couldn’t have even one sip.

– StayOutsideMom

9. “When I was pregnant with my oldest, people would always ask me if I was having twins because I was “HUGE.” First of all, rude. Second, I was extremely swollen due to preeclampsia and the baby had macrosomia due to an undiagnosed medical condition that I had.”

– ScarecrowNighmare  

10. A large number of people wanted to talk about my breasts and breastfeeding. I got a lot of advice about my own breasts. I think the most annoying comment was when people would tell me “Oh you’ll see, it gets so hard when the baby arrives”. Like I didn’t know that? Like having a baby is a terrible thing?

– dollyprincessb

11. “You look too young to be having a baby.

“I’m 25.
….. Oh well, you look younger.

Even if I were younger, what does pointing it out do to help?

– NefariousnessNo4697

12. “When are you due?

… Ew, a Virgo?
– Forward_Spinach5877

Ugh, humans. Women do not need unsolicited comments during their pregnancy!