When it comes to creepy behaviour from men, each woman has a different story to tell. But there is something that each of us has gone through. And that is guys staring at our chest, specifically our boobs, while conversing. Even if you’re talking about something as tragic as people dying, they’d still manage to steal a glance.

So when a Reddit user asked women how they feel when someone stares at their boobs during a conversation, the thread quickly got swamped with responses.

1. “I am an ex-hairstylist and when I would cut men’s hair and would be standing in front of them cutting bangs or something of that nature, I could just feel their eyes burning a hole in my chest. I did have one guy tell me straight up in the middle of our conversation, “I’m looking at your cleavage” and he did this weird chuckle. I had no words. He tipped well, though.”


2. “Honestly, I’m used to it. Unless they are gawking or being creepy about it, I don’t give it a second thought.”


3. “Agreed. A glance once is fine. Staring makes me feel gross. I had a boss (don’t see him in person anymore, thankfully) who would constantly glance at my chest. So his eyes would be face, chest, face, chest, face, chest. It was creepy as hell.”


4. “For sure. My tits are pretty big, and I don’t hide them because it’s my body. If you glance and correct yourself, it’s not a huge deal. Focusing only on my boobs is a problem.”


5. “I’m pregnant, so this happens a lot. Look, we know it’s a subconscious thing, so at least don’t make it obvious.”


6. “This is when it gets me. Glancing is fine, staring is uncomfortable, but when you’re staring AND not even listening to what I’m saying directly to you in a conversation, that just pisses me off. It’s not even about what I’m wearing, either. I used to have to wear loose-ish uniform polos and a guy I knew would still zone out and ogle my tits while I talked to him.”


7. “Doesn’t happen to me much since they are tiny, but it HAS happened. I don’t get offended, but it is so awkward. Like they’ve been hypnotised or something.”


8. “My wife hates it. She has very, very big boobs. She was complaining about them one day and my mom said, “Well dear, they are very hard to miss.”


9. “I hit puberty earlier and I have bigger boobs than others my age. Whenever someone looks at them, I feel uncomfortable since it’s mostly grown men and older boys.”


10. “Social media has actually made me more self-conscious than I used to be about this. Wore a low-cut top once in a picture while playing Warhammer, and a bunch of 9gagers zoomed in on the pic and posted it. After that, I never wore low-cut again.”


11. “I had a boss that would glance down literally every 30 seconds. We wore baggy, ugly polo shirts that did nothing to highlight the area, and yet he did it with every single female. Gross AF. If it’s a one and done, I notice but don’t get offended.”


12. “My favourite move for obvious gawkers is to completely stop talking and start staring at them too, while glancing back at the offender. Love the embarrassment beyond belief.”


13. “While having a conversation, it’s horrible and invasive. Several times grown men don’t look me in the eyes but at my boobs during a WHOLE conversation. It’s uncomfortable and irritating, to say the least, and it makes me wonder how they don’t realise since I am looking into their eyes and therefore notice that they aren’t looking back into mine.. humans have white around their pupils, so we can use our eyes for communicating and following glances.. come on.”


14. “I hate it, especially if I’m not wearing a shirt without any graphics or text. I stopped buying scoop necks and the ones I do have I started wearing backwards with a cardigan at work.”


15. “As a bi woman, if I can control my eyes, then so can they. I find bi/pan/poly/lesbian women will maintain eye contact, whilst straight men will look in the most obvious way, and it makes everything awkward and lets me know that they don’t care to have a conversation. So I cut off the conversation, told them to work on their focus, and left. It doesn’t matter what kind of shit I wear either. It’s honestly burned me out on talking to straight men at all.”


For the final time, nothing about this is flattering; it’s rather creepy.