No matter in which part of the world you live in, being a woman means you are always on the receiving end of disgusting and sexist remarks, comments and gestures.

Most of the times women just stay silent. But those who speak up stand apart and set an example for others to follow. Here’s a few of them.

1. This 13-year-old questioned his uncle’s friend when he told her that one can tell a lot about a girl by how she eats ice-cream.

2. This woman looked straight into the eyes of a stranger and asked him to explain the disgusting things he said to her on a train.

3. This woman has a standard statement for men who try to talk to her in parking lots and other public spaces.

4. This woman retweeted a stranger’s response to her tweet where he talked about kissing her and thus made him delete the comment altogether.

5. This woman shut down her boyfriend’s mother when she made inappropriate comments about her appearance as an Asian.


6. This woman shut down a man who tried to approach her in the gym and commented about her form and appearance.

She also shared a TikTok video that went viral.

7. This 19-year-old woman bravely shut down a male security officer who made digusting remarks while noting down a harassment complaint.

It’s sad to see how so many women have to deal with this type of behaviour day in and day out.