Songs like Ariana Grande’s “God is a woman” or Emmi Meli’s “I am woman. I am fearless. I am sexy. I am divine” are sheer celebration of womanhood. Just the idea of embracing our gender in the face of the society that has —for centuries— tried to tie us down is purely beautiful.


I feel every woman is bonded to another with a thread of empathy. We may not know the woman in front of us. But we are surely able to sense her plight. The subtle baggage of society weighs heavily upon each one of us. And I think that is why they say, “Sisterhood is Global.” 

This particular thread on Reddit asked women what makes them proud to be so. And the answers are why, ladies, you should treat yourself right away.  

1. “I can bleed for several days and not die.”


2. “Multiple orgasms.”


3. “My ability to create life. It feels so cool to be able to do that, like deity level achievement unlocked!”


4. “Our pain tolerance especially during giving birth is out of this world.”


5. “Every day I’m in awe of women’s emotional depth and willingness to dig into that.”


6. “I’m proud that despite society literally being designed against women and all the bullshit and extra hardships we go through just because of our gender that we’re still here kicking ass.”


7. “That we have an ability to be less violent. And I’m not saying women are not violent or that all men are. But I love that we can live without constantly threatening each other with rape, assault and murder, y’know.”


8. “I think my ability of empathy. It doesn’t matter who you are, but I have the feeling that women have a way better sense of empathy than man do. I could be wrong tho”


9. “The way we work together. We’re so good at picking up on nonverbal cues that our ability to communicate with one another, even as complete strangers, is fucking awesome. If you’re being creeped on by some guy, you can go up to any group of women, let them know what’s up, and they’ll immediately have your back.”


10. “Being a multitasking mom/ wife and having the ability to give birth.”


Celebrating womanhood should not just be confined to special days. It should be every day. So what makes you proud to be a woman?

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