Sexism is deeply rooted in our society. And by our society, I mean the world, humankind. We have a vast history of deeming the superiority of one gender over another while denying the existence of all other gender identities. When it comes to women, they are often cornered and mansplained only for functioning independently. People don’t think they can be the decision makers. And this happens everywhere, from corporate life to househunting, in restaurants and car showrooms. EVERYWHERE.

Even in medical setting, there have been way too many instances to deny that outright sexism doesn’t run deep within many medicos.

In a Twitter thread by @NataliaHodgins, women are sharing sexist things medical professionals have said to them, and it’s very compelling.

Smart and opinionated women somehow intimidate men with frivolous egos. Adding to this thread, many women replied with their experiences of sexism while getting treatment.

Apparently, women cannot even get proper treatment without condescending eyes and crass falsified implications. Hundreds of women have shared their experiences in this thread. It’s a painful reminder of where we stand as a society.

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