The DC Extended Universe is a curious case of missed opportunities and a mixed bag of love and hate. While the first three movies of the DCEU have had an extremely polarised reception amongst the fans and critics, people have all their hopes pinned on Wonder Woman.

We have finally put an end to waiting for Gadot as the first official trailer for Wonder Woman is finally here.  The trailer and posters deliver rich, eye-popping colours and fantastic action imagery that left even many of the DCU’s skeptics in the media and fandom impressed and hopeful.

Here's the trailer:

She's not a sidekick, love interest or arm candy. She's fierce, brave and physical. And she considers it her "sacred duty to defend the world." And she looks hell-bent on kicking some serious ass.

And for those who want some crazy Easter eggs in the trailer, here's one for you. The amazing 'ally' sequence where Wonder Woman protects the guy from gunshots is a straight nod to Christopher Reeve's Superman.


Diana Prince's first solo movie will blast its way into theatres next summer on June 2, 2017.