On April 2, Hilde Kate Lysiak got a tip about heavy police activity in her hometown in Pennsylvania, USA. And the avid reporter stepped right out to cover in a full-length story with pictures and a video – “Murder On Ninth Street!”

None of this is surprising until I mention that Hilde is a 9-year old budding journalist inspired by her father – an author and former New York Daily News reporter.


The editor and publisher of Orange Street News in her hometown, Hilde is a dedicated multi-media journalist who loves going after crime stories. She’s been hooked on the rush on chasing news since her father Matthew Lysiak used to take her to the newsroom and all around as her covered stories.

“I just like letting people know all the information,” Hilde told the Washington Post.

Despite what adults tell her about the future of journalism, she has her heart set on this as her career.

“It’s just what I really want to do. And crime is definitely my favourite.”
New York News Grio

She said she learned of the murder story because “I got a good tip from a source and I was able to confirm it.” And guess what. Her story on the OSN beat the local daily paper, Daily Item by hours.

However, Hilde’s journalistic acumen did not impress some. She got a lot of hate for it on Facebook, raising questions about allowing a young child to report such graphic occurances. Hate, to which she responded completely unfazed. Check out her response video where she read and responded to the criticism.

Hilde first launched the Orange Street News in 2014, when she was 7, adorably opening with the exclusive news of the birth of her baby sister. By the time she was 8, she was attending local council meetings, interviewing business owners and tracking whatever crime she could find. But her heart’s on set on crime reporting, and that she claims, is her first love.


Damn, Hilde. *hat-tip* Showing the adult world how to journalism like a boss!