Did you know that other than footballers, revolutionaries and beef Argentina is also famous for Criollo knives, also known as Gaucho knives? The gauchos are traditional cattle herders, sort of like cowboys, and are distinctly known for their excellent riding and hunting skills. They say, out in the field, the knife is an extension of the gaucho’s arm.

The man in this video, had a gaucho grandfather who was a knife maker who taught his grandson everything he knew. Now, this grandson is a reputed knife maker himself who hand crafts every single piece, each of these featuring intricate designs and patterns. To test his worth, the knife company Artisanal Knives teamed up with director Gabriel Balanovsky and created this film titled Hombre Vs Meteorito (Man Vs Meteorite) where they documented a challenge they had thrown towards this knife maker – carving a gaucho knife out of meteorite fragments. If you want to see a true craftsman at work and see how he creates something so beautiful, watch this video.

Whoever knew that watching a master smith at work could be so gratifying?