We’re still not sure if Zack Snyder was actually involved in the editing for the 2nd trailer. Looks like it was handled purely by the marketing team, who didn’t care how much they spoiled the story for the fans.

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is releasing worldwide on March 25th this year.

But many fans of the franchise were disappointed with the 2nd trailer. You see, it revealed a little too much.

But, the third and final ‘official trailer’ is now here, to restore our faith in trailers once again. It has everything a good trailer should have and yet it reveals very little.

And it has a shot of something we fans have been waiting to see – Batsy blocking a Superman punch (shout out to fellow MMA fans). 

Check out the expression on Superman’s face.

Kryptonite suit, bitch!

Check out the entire trailer –