We see this magnetically good-looking person on the silver screen, beautiful and perfect in all definitions (at least, the ones in our heads), their ephemeral beauty refuses to leave our heads. And just like that, we instantly fall for them, wishing every waking and dreaming second, if only they could be ours. Ah! 

Well, looks like it’s now possible for your dreams to come true. Not quite literally, but there’s hope. Thanks to social media!

This girl managed to stalk her Disney crush for 6 years and guess what? Not only did he finally notice her, he also fell in love with her! Looks like a Bollywood saga, isn’t it?

This is Disney actor Jake T Austin. Well, who can blame her?

You know what time it is 😏

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Who would have thought that a star like him would ever pay attention to a fan, right? With millions of fans, both male and female, swooning over him every second, I’m pretty sure it can become quite difficult for a celebrity. But pay attention, he did. 

Well, perseverance is key. And this girl did not believe in giving up.


And there’s more. 


And she kept at it for 6 years. Whoa! Who has that much patience, or time?

But nonetheless, they are a happy couple right now.

Awww…that caption! Happy in love <3

I’m crazy for her. 💙

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Even though she got her love and we’re pretty happy for the love birds, is stalking the right way to go about it? 

*Starts stalking Ryan Gosling*