With the entertainment industry going further and further up the bizarre-ness ladder, our own responses were bound to get crazy as well. Public attention is negligible, thanks to which the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicki are the only ones who linger in our memories. This guy on Deveoh has his own take on the matter, remaking celebrity photos, but without all the post production.

Here’s some hilarious celebrity photo remakes!

Nicki Minaj will go green when she sees his coconut bra!

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who can be obnoxious!

Ariana Grande chasing both mice and men.

Nicki Minaj singing ‘All about that (b)ass’.

Stop fooling around Tinkerbell! Oh wait, that’s Ellen Degeneres.

Elizabeth Banks wondering if those are moths or butterflies. #RealProblems

Miley Cyrus doesn’t know how she ‘peels’ about this.

Stop corrupting Ariana Grande! She’s never harmed anyone.

He looks prettier than Kim Kardashian in this! :s

“Ugh, seriouslaay?!” – said Miley Cyrus for 15 minutes non-stop

Angelina Jolie proving her cheekbone superiority.

Lana Del Ray was a flower child. WAS.

Maggi is just so useful. Especially when turning into Taylor Swift.

“I wonder what Chris Brown is up to…” – Rihanna

Cara Delevigne finally meets her pink dogs’ twins.

Such elegance, much grace, wow Jenniffer Lawrence.

Shake shake fries are back!? Thank you Ariana Grande!

Is that Lil John or Katy Perry? Hint, it’s Katy Perry.

Lather, rinse and repeat, like every Jenny Mcarthy role ever.

Iggy Azalea after the… ‘operation’

Miley Cyrus ballin’ hard!

I like this guy.