If you commute using public transport, you know the everyday drill of rushing through traffic to reach the station every single day can be quite exhausting. But what if the train itself comes to you? 

Sounds bizarre, right? Well, it’s actually true for residents of a building in the Chongqing city of China. 

The train comes at their doorstep!

Yes, that’s true. A 19-storey building in China has a railway track running right through a hole in the building!

This unique railway track was constructed to tackle the issue of space crunch in the city. Chongqing is a densely populated city with tightly packed skyscrapers and a population of 4.9 crores. So when a new railway station had to be constructed in this residential area, it required buildings to be demolished. 

But the designers found a way around this problem and constructed a railway track that runs right through the residential building! Not only this, a special railway station was also built into the block of houses, set into the 6th to 8th floors.  

What a win win situation!

If you’re thinking it must be difficult for residents to live in peace with the constant noise of the train passing by frequently, you’re wrong. The designers found a solution to this problem as well. The trains were specially designed to not make a loud noise. 

According to residents, the trains produce only 60 decibels of noise while passing through the building, which is not louder than a dishwasher!

Needless to say, it’s quite a popular building in this city.

You can watch a video clip of the cool station here:

Quite creative!