Now that most of us are young adults, do we realize the significance and beauty of our childhood. And no matter how much we wish to kick ourselves for being in a hurry to grow up as kids, the only place we can re-visit our childhood is in our memories.

To make matters worse, this new colouring book tells you how miserable our lives have actually become as adults. The portrayal ain’t bleak. It’s just eerily real.

1. Because cats are your best friends now.

2. If only it was that simple.

3. Because dirty is the new clean.

4. Talk to the ‘hand’.

5. Aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so parso. Itni jaldi kya hai, jab jeena hai barso.

6. That doesn’t seem like a ‘big’ problem.

7. Mirror mirror on the wall, will my future be fuck all?

8. Let’s admit it. We’ve all done this.

9. Couldn’t have said it better.

10. Because I hate you becomes too mainstream for an adult.

11. In recycling we believe.

12. Because a pill a day, keeps death away.

13. The future is here.

14. And that’s how adults add colours to their life.

15. Kuch toh gadbad hai…

16. Fuck you, alcohol…!

17. Just so that you don’t end up dating a jailbait.

18. Alphabets for adults.

19. With best wishes, thanks for doing the dishes.

20. Lonely? Me?

21. Take a stand. At least for one night.

Bored Panda

You see, growing up ain’t that bad. At least now there ain’t no homework or school. There’s just your office and a 9-5 job. Cheers !