We know about scars and we know about tattoos and we know about people covering scars with tattoos. But what if there is a way to conceal all forms of scars with tattoos in such a way that you won’t be able to tell that there was any in the first place? There is, indeed, such a way!

This is Samira Omar. She was bullied and attacked by people who she thought were her friends. They poured boiling water on her and left her with scars, burns and discoloration.

While battling her emotional scars, she thought there was no way to get over her physical ones.

But then she met Basma Hameed, a special kind of tattoo artist. Hameed is a paramedical tattoo artist who uses pigments as tattoo ink to conceal scars.

Hameed herself survived severe burns on her face. And she used the paramedical tattoo treatment on herself first.

Hameed has helped a lot of people like Samira and sometimes she does it for free. Watch this video to hear Samira and Hameed speak about this brilliant tattoo service.

Way to go, Basma!