Anything for a good picture, eh?

Most of us would bend over backwards to make sure we capture the perfect shot. This couple did the same. Literally.

In another instance of going the extra distance to capture the perfect shot, Elaina Vecchio and her boyfriend ended up with an unforgettable experience.

While posing in front of the camera, the dude lost his balance and landed into a fountain behind him. The girlfriend, who happened to be sitting in his lap at the time, went down with him.

Note: Lovers who are clumsy together, stay together!

What did we get? A hilarious photo series documenting the epic fail, the great fall.

The girl was super chill about the whole thing and shared the photographs on her Twitter page with the caption, “When taking pictures with your bae goes wrong.”

Quite incredible how the person with the camera just kept on taking pictures, even while the couple was toppling over. Heck, she even took a video of the post-fall scenario. Good to see that at least some people out there can laugh at themselves.

*Do not miss the guy’s expression towards the end*

So, this is how it went.

They started out perfectly. Looking sophisticated AF, these two!

Then Adam and Eve started falling.

By the end of it, the world had turned upside down.

Thanks for keeping it real, guys. We owe you a good laugh.