The ‘dog is a man’s best friend’ trope might seem a little overused. Can’t blame anyone though – the bond between a dog and his/her human is something that surpasses other relationships.

According to what I read on The Daily Beast , photographer Ben Moon met his future best friend, Denali, in 1999 when he visited a local pound with his then girlfriend. After the couple broke up, Moon and Denali went traveling along the Pacific Northwest, hanging out with surfers and rock climbers. Their nomadic life even propelled Moon’s career as someone who documented the life of professional adventurers.

In 2004, Moon was diagnosed with stage 3+ colorectal cancer. Throughout the entire duration of his treatment, Denali slept right next to Moon. His presence had a big hand to play in Moon’s recovery and soon the pair were back on the road again.

In 2014, when Denali was 14, he too was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away a month later. But before he left, Moon ensured that Denali’s memory would never fade away and the world would know their story.

Here’s the award winning film, narrated from Denali’s perspective.

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo .

A huge hat tip to The Daily Beast .