How we’ve longed throughout 2015 for HBO to give us more Game of Thrones. Been haunted by Cercei’s infamous walk of shame, been filled with hope for Sansa since her escape and don’t even get me started on all the emotions Jon Snow’s death took us through. We’ve waited long enough and paid our dues, and HBO knows it.

Season 6 is finally around the corner, people and HBO’s released three epic new teasers to chime the bells.

The Stark teaser features Ramsay Bolton’s ominous voice, and his taunt is likely to strike fear into the hearts of all that root for Winterfell’s first family:

The Targaryen teaser has the baleful words of a Dothraki warrior from the khalasar that surrounded Daenerys when we saw her last:

The High Sparrow speaks in the Lannister teaser reminding us of the dark days King’s Landing’s new religious order showed Cercei, Margaery and Loras – and that the remaining days of Lannister supremacy might just be few:

*deep breath* And these teasers have left me shaking like an addict. Jonesing for my next fix of that sweet sweet Game of Thrones goodness. April, 2016 could NOT come any sooner.