Creativity is always a good way to get noticed in the world’s clutter. Eugene Romanovsky knew this more than ever, when it came to selling his ’96 Suzuki Vitara. While you and I would usually go for the regular websites to sell our stuff, this lad took it to another level. And it is surely going to put big automakers to shame. 

So Eugene decided to go full Hollywood style and made an advertisement which has his car everywhere, water, earth, air. 

He collated clips from sources as varied as Planet Earth series, Jeep commercials, Jurassic Park and the trailer of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity to come up with this fantastic looking advertisement. 

As it turns out Eugene is a VFX Supervisor at a Tel Aviv-based firm called Gravity (we did not make that up), and he decided to make this spellbinding commercial to sell his used car. Now, that’s one way to use your professional skill-set for personal gains. If Romanovsky is to be believed, then the car only needs love and some paint maybe. 

If this doesn’t make you buy his car, then I don’t know what will.