That mother of all soundtrack scores that has pretty much gotten everyone who ever laid their ears on it obsessed with it, that track that has left maddeningly humming the tune under your breath all day, that harmony that sometimes makes you feel like you’d never heard it before, now has an Indian touch to it. Yes, I’m talking about the Game Of Thrones title track, you crazies.

That quintessential moment that you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Don’t pretend like you haven’t spent all this time not wanting someone out there to come up with a Hindi version of the Game Of Thrones title track. Well, we’ve got good news for you GOT freaks out there. That moment is here and it is sweet. 

The guys at Chutzpah have an unbelievably catchy rendition to the popular score. And, if the original wasn’t crazy enough, this is really going to get your gears greased.

Is this the best thing that’s ever happened, or what?

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