I wouldn’t lie. Sometimes the clickbait industry gets on my nerves too. Which is why this article exists. If we can’t make fun of ourselves, we can’t exist in the digital space.

Clickbait is a recent phenomena. So, being a history junkie, I tried to re-imagine important events in history through the clickbait lens. Some of the stuff below might seem a little too dark, but let me assure you, this was written in a fun manner. I’m not trying to trivialize anything here.

So check it out.

1. The Titanic hype

2. When Julius Caesar had a “bad day” at work

3. Back when killing your siblings wasn’t a big deal

4. When America dropped some major load on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

5. When Hitler went overboard with the whole ‘let’s round up some people’ thing

6. Glad clickbait wasn’t around when Kennedy was assassinated

7. That moment when Alexander was shocked by the other side’s cavalry

8. Speaking of long campaigns, who can forget the doomed Nazi campaign on the eastern front?

9. If only Hitler would have gone with his first career choice

10. The guillotine used in the French Revolution would have some excellent product reviews

11. When Benjamin Franklin blurred the lines between play and work, dangerously so

12. This is pretty self-explanatory

13. Because holy wars call for holier meals

14. Wed. Behead. Repeat.

15. Because without Moses, this industry wouldn’t exist

16. One does not simply join the Crusade without a cool nickname

17. Oh Columbus, you douche!

18. We science students have a love-hate relationship with Newton

19. Shivaji. Stealth level – 99

20. Military draft tactics be like

21. You’re in the military for god’s sake, not show business!

22. Kind of presumptuous of us to believe such a headline would exist during the Emergency, but still

23. The one time India could have played in the FIFA World Cup

24. Glad we had better luck in cricket though

25. And lastly, that time when Pakistan underestimated the Indian Army for the fourth time

Keep clicking, yo!

Design by Rohit Jakhu .