Lady Gaga has always been an icon for strength, empowerment and general badassery. Despite her over-the-top, fabulous personality, Gaga is just like every single one of us- trying to figure life out, and make sense of things.

In this incredibly empowering video, Lady Gaga talks about the glitz of the music industry and it’s associated ills.

She gets candid about how she has been unhappy, being a”‘Stefani-Gaga hybrid person” and how that drove her to almost take the decision of quitting the music scene a couple of years back.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga, also talks about how she no longer wants to be associated with being used to help people make money by endorsing products.

Spending her days shaking hands with people, and taking selfies makes her existence shallow, she says.

She goes on to talk about how she has been overworked, and as a consequence the pursuance of her passion and creativity have taken a backseat. “I no longer want to be a money-making machine,” she says.

Gaga asserts that it is essential that you associate yourself with things you stand for, rather than giving in to societal pressure. That is the only means of staying true to yourself, and to constantly remind yourself who you really are.

Watch the full version of everything she has to say about living a fuller life here:

Has Lady Gaga ‘woken up’ since quitting the music industry?

“We are unconsciously communicating lies.” This is Lady Gaga since quitting the music industry. A refreshing and very awake sounding individual. Has she possibly experienced some kind of an awakening?

Posted by The People’s Voice on Saturday, October 31, 2015