Leonardo DiCaprio cares about climate change. He cares about the world you leave behind for your children’s children.

Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t smoke. He vapes.

For those who do not know, a vapourizer, or a vape pen, is used to well, vapourize the contents you put in the pen. There’s no smoke, only vapour. And this is what it looks like.


On the interwebs, “I vape” has become the new “I’m a vegan”. This is how Urban Dictionary defines it.

Anyhoo, right after breaking the Internet by finally winning an Oscar, Leo DiCaprio stepped into what looks like a restaurant/club to celebrate. And he vaped so hard, he almost forgot his golden statue there. As he was about to leave the place, a gentleman from the restaurant walked up to his car and returned it to him.

Check it out.

Damn Leo, back at it again with the vapes!