Ellen Sirot is one of the best models in the business. And yet, there’s a good chance you might have never seen her face. Because she’s a hand model. What’s that you ask?

Remember this guy from Zoolander ?

His name was J.P. Prewitt, legendary hand-model. If you thought that was a made-up profession, or the fact that his hand was preserved in a glass chamber, well, think again. Hand-modeling is a very real and hand-models are very finicky about what they do (or don’t) with their hands.

Sirot was interviewed a few years ago by Katie Couric, where she talked more about hand-modeling and how it demands a rigorous lifestyle where she cannot afford to do a lot of ordinary things like doing the dishes, laundry, opening doors and windows using her hands. Her hands haven’t seen daylight in almost 15 years as she wears gloves almost all the time.

Check it out.

Small question – How does she wipe her bum?