We know that China’s illusion of democracy helps keep the rich in power and the powerful rich. They might clamp down on protesters and free speech, but it’s free reign for their millionaires, as in the case of one anonymous businessman who just got a girlfriend in the strangest way possible.

Rola Misaki, an adult actress, just accepted 1 billion yen or $8.3 million from this anonymous masked man to be in an exclusive relationship with him for the next 15 years.

Source: elitedaily

The rules of her contract make it such that she can’t work in the adult entertainment industry anymore and she will instead work as the man’s personal assistant.

Source: sopitas

Apart from leaving thousands of her pre-pubescent fans depressed and sexually frustrated, it also makes us wonder how ethically sound this kind of situation is. Either way, she’s very ‘gifted’ and a lot of money is involved, so I guess they’re both happy!