First off, no, we’re not quite sure how this happened and we’re pretty sure no one on the web knows how this guy did it either.

A man tried to jump a London Tube Station gate to avoid paying for a ticket. Unfortunately for him, his hurdle was more than a bit mistimed and he ended up snagging a bit of his inner-thigh and his penis.

While some London Underground workers, British Transit Police and some bystanders tried to help him out, a few commuters decided taking a video of the incident would be the appropriate response.

One bystander ‘helpfully’ offered a solution, shouting, “Get some butter, butter him up!”

Eventually he was pulled free, after which the grateful man could be seen hugging the bystander who supported his weight, and the police who got him out.

Let this be a lesson to all potential ticket dodgers. Pay your fare, or you might have to pay more than you bargained for.