Ravi Patel , an Indian-American actor, like most other men with parents from the sub-continent, had to face the music from his parents (which means relatives and family friends too) who wanted him to “get married and settle down.” This was back around 2008, when he was nearing 30, an age when most Indian parents decide whether their sons are successful or failures, based on their ability to further the ‘family name’.

Ravi, along with his sister Geeta, wanted to document the entire process of how their parents would go about trying to get Ravi hitched. Part of it also going to a “Patel convention” where many potential suitors meet each other, sort of like a pre-arranged marriage version of speed dating. And this resulted in the documentary Meet the Patels , which releases in theaters on September 11, 2015.

Here’s the trailer for a story that a lot of Indian men can relate to.