While on one hand we’re living in an era where the Earth is running out of non-renewable resources and polar caps are melting, we also have people who turn a blind eye to the effects of climate change and human consumption.

To convince the skeptics, the environmental awareness platform Global Population Speak Out came out with a book full of powerful images showing the tragic state our planet is in. It’s titled Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot .

Here are some images from the book.

A surfer in the waves around Java, the world’s most populated Island

99% deforested National Williamette Forest in Oregon, USA

The Yellow River in Mongolia, so polluted that it’s difficult to breathe near it

The Ken River Oil Field in California has been exploited since 1899

The April 2010 oil platform fire near the Gulf of Mexico

Landfill in Bangladesh

These palm plantations in Indonesia were once rain forests

Burnt Amazonian jungle in Brazil. Yes, those are animals trying to escape the fire

World’s biggest excavator, Bagger 288, used to extract coal in Tagebau Hambach strip mine in Germany

Landfill in Accra, Ghana. Third world countries are where most of the world’s electronic waste ends up in

Mexico City, one that houses 20 million people

Carcass of albatross that ingested too much plastic. Somewhere in the Midway Islands in the North Pacific

Landscape covered in greenhouses in Almeria, Spain

Tar-rich region in Alberta, Canada, destroyed by over-mining

Enormous iceberg melting near Svalbard Island in Norway

The book is available on Amazon .

h/t Bored Panda .