Disclaimer: Videos contain explicit language. Viewer discretion advised. Wear earphones.

Ozzy Man has garnered a lot of fame as a YouTube sensation. Let’s face it, the man does have a unique talent. He can commentate on just about anything in the world with that deep Aussie accent of his and makes just about everything sound entertaining.

It’s a rare gift, unlike the use of the word f**k in his video. The man has taken the internet by storm over the past couple of years and there’s no stopping him. From describing bar brawls to drunk animals, he has done it all. Everything seems to sound better and more amusing with his commentary in the background.

So if you’re just lazying around this Sunday and have nothing else to do, how about you watch a few of his reviews?

We have collected 12 of the best ones for you watch:

1. Iguana vs snakes

An intense commentary from the perspective of an Iguana trying to outrun snakes!

2. Drunk animals

If you think humans are bad at handling a drunken night, you are in for a treat and a major ego boost because animals just suck at it.

3. Duck vs tiger

A David vs Goliath tale summed up in the most hilarious way possible.

4. Cows vs turtle

Ozzy Man really goes deep into understanding how a herd of huge cows are just so frigging scared of a tiny turtle!

5. 9-second MMA knockout

Ozzy takes us into the MMA world where this guy, Jason Solomon, can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

6. Marble race

This one leaves an F1 race biting the dust.

7. The denial version of Oberyn vs Mountain

Ozzy describes the ending we would’ve all loved to see to the epic Oberyn vs The Mountain trial by combat fight from GOT.

8. Cannonball dive

There’s not much to talk about here, just that this guy in the video deserves the points he got. 

9.  No f**k you, no f**k you ping pong!

Some of the most amazing back & forth ping pong games as heard from the wizard of Ozzy.

10. Trump’s handshake review

Yup, even Drumpf’s handshake, and the insecure paranoia he has of his own people betraying him, is so important that it gained a review by the Oz man.

11. Greatest drunk fight ever

The fight may not have been great, but the commentary makes it legendary!

12. Bulls f**king up humans

Lesson: You don’t f**k with bulls, they f**k with you.

Now that was just F**KING brilliant, mate!