Okay, so while we were trying to wrap our heads around news stories like the gangrape of a nun in West Bengal and a woman sentenced to 70 lashes on defamation charges in Saudi Arabia, this is the photo that went viral all over the Internet –


For those who are wondering what’s so interesting in this picture, the Internet asks you to look at the shape of her neckline. Apparently, it looks like a… *drum roll*… penis.

Australia’s Ten EyeWitness News anchor Natarsha Belling should not have to be the butt of such a crass joke. But this is the internet, where these sort of random things just happen. We’d like to think the butt of joke isn’t the news anchor here, but the system itself. The world sees a penis where there shouldn’t be one – on a news show. That is the joke.

Let’s just go ‘haha’ and move on.

The moral of the story is, the Internet is obsessed with dicks. We had also covered another incident when a bored pilot painted a penis-shape on FlightRadar .