Rolling a joint is an art. In every group of stoners there are always these designated people who are trusted with this important task. ‘You don’t mess with the guy rolling a joint’. If someday they write rules of stoner’s club it’d be the first point. 

We get fascinated only by seeing a fat, straight joint but have you ever wondered how creative the process can be made? Well, today we stumbled upon this professional joint roller, Greenhand who shattered the idea of a perfect joint.

Take a look at his amazing creations, please keep in mind they are all fully smokable –

1. Kill ’em with kindness

 2. Some bombs are not lethal at all

 3. With great power comes great trip

 4. This Pikachu will make you forget everything about Pokemon Go 

5. This T-Rex comes in peace 


 6. I don’t even know how the hell to smoke this


 7. Oh, I love peacocks


 8. I bet The Rock only smokes this one 


 9. This is perfect for when you have someone trying a joint for the first time


 10. A wild Pokemon-like joint appears 


 11. Blunts ‘n’ roses


 12. Hope he didn’t spell your name wrong on this


Watch the video if you want to know more about this talented guy –

We all need this guy at our next smoking session, don’t we?

All images sourced from: Instagram