There are two types of people in this world (actually there are more but just to make the argument easy, let’s just say there are two). One with an iPhone 6S and one wanting to have an iPhone 6S.

Seriously, there are people out there who’d give their left kidney for an iPhone 6S. People in China have already done that.

And once you get your hands on an iPhone, you’re supposed to treat it like your baby.

Apple Insider

But stupidity, like Anil Kapoor’s chest hair, is infinite. Which probably explains this guy.

Tech Rax

Armed with a brand new rose gold iPhone 6S, he wants to know whether the lava is hot or not (ahem).

So, he proceeds to drop his iPhone 6S into the lava. Because common sense.

Tech Rax

Why, man? Why? Y U DO DIS! You probably broke a million hearts worldwide.

The anger was evident in the comments section.

Tech Rax

Seriously, man! You could’ve put anything except that iPhone 6S in the lava! For example, this…

Top ten India

The irony would’ve been so strong with that one!

Check out the entire video right here and get ready for some serious facepalm!