Remember how everybody in the world is always accusing Bollywood composers of ‘stealing’ other people’s music? Well, this article is not about that.

Believe it or not, this article is about a videshi singer stealing our stuff!

Chances are, you might not have heard of this Serbian singer called Dara Bubamara.


But if you’ve listened to ‘Yeh Ishq Haaye’ from Jab We Met and ‘Chamakchallo’ from Ra.One, you’ve listened to all her ‘major’ songs as well. Trust me.

If seeing is believing, then hearing is surely confirming. Listen to the songs and be the judge yourself.Here’s she, singing Nemam Elana, which sounds eerily similar to ‘Yeh Ishq Haaye’ from Jab We Met.

Now listen to her crooning ‘Balkanac’, a direct rip-off of ‘Chamakchallo’ from Ra.One.

Dara, sharam kar lo zara. Chori hum bhi karte hain, magar itne directly? Anu ji ko pata chalega toh kya kahenge?

Perhaps this is what creating a global music is all about.