A single house on a picturesque remote island may sound like a dream come true for a lot of us, but it is very much a reality. There’s a house on the isolated Icelandic island of Elliðaey, called the world’s loneliest house, which has garnered attention time and again.


A look at the house and the island, and all you would wanna do is pack your bags and move there.  This small island is part of Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago of 15 to 18 islands.

There have been many stories and rumours about who built this house and why was it built.

Back in 2020, some people said it was built by an eccentric billionaire who planned to move there in the event of a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear war.

While some others said that this house was a gift from the government to the Islandic singer-songwriter Björk.

world's loneliest house

Another theory suggested that a religious zealot lived on this lonely island after being cut off from society.

While some on the internet even claimed that the house doesn’t exist and that the photographs were just photoshopped.

This house, which would be an introvert’s paradise, very much exists but the island has been inhabited for hundreds of years. Here’s the *real* story of the world’s loneliest house, according to a Twitter thread.

The 110 acres island is home to a large population of Nordic birds known as Puffins. And the house was built in the 1950s as a hunting lodge by the Elliðaey Hunting Association, who come to the area occasionally to hunt for puffins.

Whatever be the story behind the world’s loneliest house, I, for one, would love to stay there.