If all the insane and cringeworthy detox cleanses weren’t enough, a trend among millennials is sweeping clean the prize for the most stupid (not to mention, dangerous) thing you could do to your body. 

Presenting, the Tide Pod Challenge, where users eat a concentrated detergent pod as a dare.


These videos show people biting into concentrated liquid detergent pods with fitting reactions — both from the users and the viewers. While a few aced this challenge, others quickly realized what an awful mistake they’ve made. 

Mistake or not, these videos are creating a storm on the internet with as many as 100,000 hits on some before Youtube decided to take them off


Naturally, the company is worried and is doing its own bit to stop people from using their product as gourmet meal.

The attractive, colorful, squishy detergent capsules have tempted kids in the past to dreadful consequences, resulting in infection and even death, on eating them. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had even issued a warning to parents keeping kids away from these pods. 


But it now seems like adults need this warning too. 

I mean, of course, why would adults be able to think eating highly toxic detergent is dangerous!

Feature Image Source: IICEEY