Remember a time when people didn’t click photos of their food before eating it, when ‘Google’ wasn’t even a word let alone a verb, when cats weren’t celebrities, when ‘meme’ was just a word popularized by Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene and when you’d be worried about a leak only when you were stuck on a boat or a kitchen with no windows?

Yes, the Internet has drastically changed the way we look at things and talk about them. But what if Tim Berners-Lee hadn’t invented the World Wide Web? What if ‘online’ wasn’t somewhere you could go?

Watch this hilarious video featuring actual pioneers of the web’s big names like Arianna Huffington, Sean Parker, Steve Case and Jimmy Wales, among others.

And the entire thing is narrated by Stephen Fry, one of the coolest human beings on planet Earth.

Just watch it already.