But then, Redditors, being the crazy/beautiful people they are, somehow managed to turn it into a Photoshop battle. You can catch them in action here .

So, late last night, Redditor Thatguy9211 uploaded this picture of him and his wife on Reddit, where he said – Decided to photobomb my wife during our wedding photoshoot last month.

Here are some of the best entries from that thread –

“Genie in a Bottle” by u/gasman, gave us some 90’s nostalgia.

“Get off my rug!” by u/WeAllHaveBoobs, took us back to Agrabah.

“A Punjabi wedding without at least three deaths is a dull affair” by u/Regn, put a nice Dothraki spin on it.

“You belong to me now” by u/TheBlackCamEL, tackled the issue of groom kidnapping.

All images sourced from this Reddit thread.