Accept it. Day in and day out, we see images of our world leaders splashed all over the media outlets, and because they are who they are, they hardly experiment with their look.

The people at Design Crowd thought it’d be fun to imagine these leaders with… erm… man buns. Hipster world leaders? Sure, why not…

Razor sharp Obama. And that earring.

Man bun Putin is not impressed.

Kim Jong… Bun?

The cool Pope just became cooler.

George ‘Corn row’ Bush.

Hipster Lincoln rocking the bun way before it was cool.

Well, this had to happen. It’s the Internet after all.

Oh come on! Seriously, David Cameron?

Malcolm Turnbull seems really happy with his bun though.

My eyes! My eyes! Anyone but Modi, please. Damn you, Jinping. Dragging our beloved PM to your shenanigans.

Blair’s high on his bun.

Hard to imagine Nixon as a hippie.

Here’s looking at you, Abe.

Tony Abbott. Level – Internet creep.