Many people consider spam to be their pet peeve. Yeah! Spam messages are annoying at times. So much so that we tend to ignore most of them, however, it is just a matter of perception. For the sender, spam might be a way of expressing love for their significant other. I am talking about people promoting their partner’s work among friends and family. You might deny spamming your circle, but we all have done it in personal spaces. But have you ever wondered how it may look if someone spammed you for a similar reason on a professional platform? Say like on the email? It would be super irritating and unprofessional, right?

fms dean
Representational GIF. Source: Tenor

Twitter had mixed reactions after a college dean took spamming to the next level as he apparently sent an email to 16 batches from his institution. The message has now gone viral.

What did he write in the mail, you wonder?

A Twitter user, @randomusements, shared a screenshot of the mail sent by Dr. Vivek Suneja, the dean of the Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi. As per the screenshot, Suneja’s wife had recently sung a song, and he was promoting the track among the batches from 2022, 2021, 2019 and 13 others via email. The subject of the message reads, “One moment in time.”

The proud dean attached its link and wrote, “My better half, Sonjuhi, has added a song she has sung recently to her YouTube channel…(sic).”

Here’s the tweet:

Check out how netizens are reacting to it:

While most of them gave full marks to the dean as a husband for supporting his wife’s talent, a few of them called him out for using a professional platform to do the same.

What do you think of this spam mail? ‘Turu lob’ or unprofessional?