This article first appeared on Vagabomb.

People rarely talk about the vagina. In fact, people rarely even refer to the vagina as the vagina. 'Hoo haa,' 'down there,' 'privates'—there are so many ways used to refer to the vagina, and all of it just adds to incorrect information being disseminated. Men and vagina don't know enough about how the vagina works, when things are wrong, what to do in these situations, and the best way to learn these things is to talk about it.

A few months ago, Agents of Ishq conducted a nationwide penis survey, which got us thinking—why not conduct our own vagina survey? At the least, it would start a conversation, no matter how uncomfortable. We asked women on the Internet to answer, and with nearly 200 responses, we've got the results for you right here.

But, before we jump straight to it, here are some of the most interesting insights we uncovered:

Of course, we're willing to concede that a majority of our survey audience may be from the educated/privileged strata, but hey - here's to a heartening start. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, did the answers surprise you?

Original artwork by Disha Bhanot.