10 LinkedIn Profiles So Bizarre & Hilarious That You Will Rethink Yours

Vasudha Sabharwal

LinkedIn is a club that is available for free but is ruled by a few OGs who have careers as if they’ve been working for over a hundred years. If you’ve scrolled LinkedIn (most of us have), it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t come across profiles that haven’t given you a complex. 

But in everyone’s perfect world of LinkedIn, there are profiles that are so aspirational yet so bizarre that they’ve left everyone confused. Here are some absolutely bizarre LinkedIn profiles that will make you want to rework yours.

1. There’s a guy who works at Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google simultaneously. But, with a twist!

So, this genius uses Facebook and loves Googling his name while ordering his favourite products from Amazon and postponing Apple updates for up to 8 months. Additionally, he manages a Netflix account shared 5 family members across the world. Mind-blown yet?

2. Meet the Corporoate Spy who worked just enough to get fired.

Honestly speaking, reading this description gave me chills. Is this something one would wanna do? Well! It did give the person some great thrill.


3. There’s another man who very succinctly detailed his responsibilities as a Design Lead at Google.

The guy’s clearly frustrated but, even then, he ensured his profile visitors are amused. SELFLESSNESS PERSONIFIED!

4. There’s a ‘content’ guy who is very ‘content.’

What could be better than having one’s profession as one’s inner feeling? This man legit loves his profession. It keeps him very ‘content.’

5. How about a person who has studied in all the best Universities in the world?

Now here’s a person to be insecure about! If this is not a dreamy profile, then what is?

6. Even Conan O’Brien from The Tonight Show has a LinkedIn profile and his education is ‘yes.’


He has gone for a very short and crisp approach on LinkedIn with courses everyone would wanna attend. 


7. You remember Amy Pond from Doctor Who? She has got a LinkedIn profile, a fake one.

Amelia Pond is an old, funny, and fake profile on LinkedIn reminding the world that people are just hilarious. Business Insider first reported it in 2016. 

Business Insider

Since then, the user has not done much activity apart from revealing that they did not study at Hogwarts after all and adding a hilarious poem in their summary section.


8. Meet the LinkedIn lawyer from an ‘arrogant’ firm.

He’s given a detailed explanation about why his display picture on a professional platform like LinkedIn is him in a costume with snarky expressions.


Not just this, the guy has also given humorous experience descriptions and recounted ‘blurry’ education days very honestly.


9. Meet the Director Of Human Centered Design who didn’t care about leaving with integrity.

I’m very confused if this is an experience or a marketing tactic. Nonetheless, it’s hilarious.


10. Meet the person with the most honest work experience at LinkedIn

Which LinkedIn profile can compete the honesty of this?


Genius Of The Year: He was once impressed by a Twitter deal, has won 5 coffee chats, and possesses the capacity to consume 5 pork sliders in just a 2-hour meeting. He’s a true GOAT!


Every big and small experience counts. So your tiff with your toxic micromanager or your ideas that your company didn’t care to hear; everything becomes fundamental to LinkedIn, and these people have been very honest about it.  

Are you redoing your profile now?

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