This Creator Shows How You And A Road In Bengaluru Are Basically The Same

Snigdha Nalini Oreya

Roads in Bengaluru are a mystery that can never be solved. You will always find them in a WIP situation, and that work never progresses. Or even if it does, it happens at a glacial pace. The constant upgradation of the roads in Bengaluru adds to the daily woes of traffic. And we’re guessing it was in one of those persistent traffic jams that this creator came up with a brilliant idea – a reel that showcases that there might be a possibility that you are, just, like a road in Bengaluru.

Taking to Instagram, Aadhithiya R K whose bio mentions that he is a ‘digital creator’, shared a reel that shows the signs that you might be a road in Bengaluru.

1. “You are constantly trying to upgrade. But you can’t.” (There’s always some construction work going on)

Instagram / @ark1240

2. “People screw you over frequently.” (Even if a road has zero potholes, leave it to the authorities to dig it up overnight for upgradation purposes)

Instagram / @ark1240

3. “Once you heal, people screw you over again.” (A beautiful road is dug up once again because some contractor wants to add the pipelines now. Argh!)

Instagram / @ark1240

Take a look at Aadhithiya’s reel here. He captioned the reel, “From today I identify as a Bangalore road. My pronouns are High/Way.”

Aadhithiya’s reel has gone viral and many people have related big time to it, especially those who live in Bengaluru. The reel has fetched over 164K views and over 7K likes.

Here’s what people had to say.

Never in my life did I ever think I could ever relate to a road.

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